About Us

Basket Option Insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd… is a modern day Broking house with technology as its front, and strong values as its foundation.

The Founder and the Management Team is in this industry for last 25 years and hence we understand the risk factors much deeper. This kind of experience and expertise is what makes the difference.

At Basket Option, You are the most important aspect and we get a sense of satisfaction, and it is in our core values to ensure that you don’t go through any inconvenience. We are constantly looking at better products, solution, (bundle of products and solutions) to ensure you get the best. So while you carry on with your life the way you have dreamt, we are constantly working on covering your risk.


For us every customer is a relationship. For the last so many years we have built relationships, and as we service the entire portfolio of our clients, it has only further strengthened this relationship to the extent that our customers know us and we know them very well. It’s not a Transaction which we are keen on but a Relationship.

So if you are looking at just a transaction, you can use our service, but that’s not exactly who we are, as, we believe in long lasting relationships.

Culture is our Bed Rock, and on this we have carved out our entire organization.

We consider BOIB as a Piece of Art.

Every Team member is carefully selected based on each one’s and the organizations value system.

Every call is received; Email/SMS is reverted with at most promptness

Every advice is given by analyzing future risk.

Every claim is handled with utmost empathy, sincerity, responsiveness and thoughtfulness.

Every day we measure our success by the number of customer who experience “Customer delight” because of our service.

Focus, Claims, Technology, Innovations, Basics are right, Exclusive services.

Philosophy:  Responsiveness

Represent Individual / Organization

Right Advice

Reliable during Claims / Service.

Clients trust us with their entire portfolio, they get their risk answered and we jointly plan to ensure the risk is covered sufficiently.

Our existing clients are our ambassadors’ and they refer us to their friends and clients who are looking for insurance and need honest transparent advice and support.


We have an eye on the future and are constantly working to better our technology usage and our tech platform—– to add value to you.